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Monitor Anything with Manything - the app that turns your iPhone, iPod or iPad into a home CCTV camera for pets, security and more.

Watch a video

Record your house, garage, pets or kids,
and find out who’s trashing the yard...
(video older than 30 days deleted automatically)

Manything makes it easy to create clips and share them with friends, family and work colleagues.

The really clever bit – Manything detects movement and sound, and records that too...

... no searching through hours of boring footage – the Manything timeline shows movement and sound activity, so you can find the action fast.

Video monitoring made easy

  • Really easy setup
  • Records and saves everything automatically
  • Works over WiFi

Manything never gives up

Manything has been built to withstand everything that can go wrong with your network, such as switching to cellular if WiFi fails, or dropping down to stills mode if network connection becomes poor.

Other cool features

  • Sound activated torch for night-time use
  • Enhanced stills mode for low-light use
  • Add multiple devices to your account in seconds

Only use Apple chargers when leaving Manything unattended.