About Manything Pro

With over 950,000 users globally, our cloud monitors 24 years of footage every single day. Based across the UK and North America, we have experts in cloud architecture, security, app and web development. The Manything Pro partner programme allows professional CCTV installers, integrators and dealers to add offsite cloud video recording and remote monitoring software to their CCTV installations, whilst creating a new source of recurring revenue. With some of the most competitive pricing in the industry and software that manages real world uplink speeds, we’ve broken through the barriers normally associated with pushing video to the cloud. As well as our own apps and websites, we can provide our software as a full white label solution for large partners. Please contact us for further information.


Manything, founded in 2012, stands for ‘monitor anything’ – the original Manything app was developed to turn old smartphones and tablets into sophisticated home monitoring cameras. The company moved into the professional security industry (with Manything Pro) at the end of 2016 and integrated with a range of Hikvision cameras.